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BIM 3D model render

10 Reasons Why You Need BIM on your Next Project

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3-D modeling technology. It allows contractors and owners the opportunity to virtually build, visualize, coordinate and troubleshoot before a shovel ever hits the ground.

  1. BIM provides a facility that was built virtually before it was built physically.
  2. BIM will point out any conflicts between structural components and architectural items.
  3. BIM eliminates problems—no more accidentally slamming through plumbing pipe.
  4. BIM provides all parties involved with a high level of confidence that what is being built will work.
  5. BIM means less re-work.
  6. BIM significantly reduces waste. Construction creates 53.4 million pounds of waste per year, not including demolition.
  7. BIM assures greater efficiency.
  8. BIM provides owners with a more in-depth understanding of their building.
  9. BIM opens doors to using more advanced technologies, such as virtual reality and laser scanning.
  10. BIM expands documentation. It provides the opportunity to communicate and make quicker, more informed decisions

BIM utilizes the latest technology to merge physical and digital, allowing Bush Construction the ability to provide our clients with the best construction experience possible.


Michael Johnson | Director of Integrated Design + Technology | Bush Construction

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