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Tips for Selecting Your Construction Team

Once you have determined the feasibility of your commercial construction project, the next step is to select a great team. Oftentimes this includes a design team, or architect, and a construction partner. A team that possesses advanced skills in planning, design, engineering, pre-construction, construction, controlling cost, scheduling, safety, and providing constant, open communication helps ensure a successful outcome.

Then, you’ll need to determine your project delivery method. To help you make an informed decision, we launched a”Delivery Methods” podcast series and cover the four primary paths you can take to complete your project.

The "Silver Bullet" of Delivery Methods

Learn why Construction Manager as Constructor is the “silver bullet”. Walk away with a clear understanding of the pros, cons, and projects best suited for this delivery method.

The Most Well-Established Delivery Method

Design-Bid-Build or Hard Bid is the most well-established delivery method. However, early communication between the owner and architect, and general contractor is the shortest.

The "Other" CM Delivery Method

Discover the role professional services play in Construction Manager as Agent. Hear about real-world project examples and when to use this delivery method.

Teamwork + Collaboration in Design-Build

What is the Design-Build construction project delivery method? How does the business owner benefit from this one-to-one relationship? All these questions and more are discussed in this episode!

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