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5 Ways to Fund Your Next Historical Real Estate Development Project

If you work in community and economic development, are responsible for downtown revitalization projects or invest in commercial real estate, this episode is for you! Jon Davidshofer, Bush Construction’s Director of Development, walks us through five common funding sources and when each should be considered for historical development projects.

Show Notes

[01:15]  The earlier you start working with a developer, the better.

[01:30]  Five funding sources available for historical redevelopment and commercial development projects.

[02:30]  Resources to learn more about Iowa and Illinois state tax credit programs.

[03:15]  Three common Federal financing options.

[04:00]  New Markets Tax Credits explained.

[07:45]  Why getting in touch with a community’s economic development director is important when assessing Downtown grants.

[06:45]  Evaluating Traditional vs Government-backed financing options.

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