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Delivery Methods: Four Paths A Business Owner Can Take to Complete Their Next Project

The decision to pull the trigger on a construction project is big. Your new space may give legs to a new business venture, spur company or product-line growth or provide a motivating space for your team. Once you have decided to move forward with your project, now what?

This episode is loaded with information business owners can use to select the right team and path, or delivery method, to successfully complete their project. We offer a high-level perspective on each of the four delivery methods, including their distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Because there is so much to discuss on this topic, we will dissect each delivery method in upcoming episodes. Stay tuned!

Show Notes

[01:47] Steps a business owner should take after deciding to proceed with their project
[02:50] When it’s time to hire a professional – a design firm or a contractor with design capabilities
[03:11] Why the voice of the architect and contractor matters in every building discussion
[04:07] The definition of a delivery method
[04:30] The three primary parties involved in all delivery methods
[05:35] The four construction delivery methods, starting with design-bid-build
0[6:12] Construction Manager as Constructor delivery method, also known as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
[07:25] Construction Manager as Agent (CMa) delivery method
[08:23] Design-Build delivery method
[09:06] Developer delivery method
[09:50] Why does it matter what delivery method an owner selects?
[10:00] The pros and cons of each delivery method
[17:35] Questions a business owner is likely to ask about delivery methods
[19:45] Thoughts on delivery methods from an architect
[21:00] Wait! There is one more delivery method and that’s an owner as a general contractor
[22:50] Questions an owner considering a project should consider asking their potential team

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