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Delivery Methods: Teamwork + Collaboration in Design-Build

This week we’re focusing on the Design-Build project delivery method. We break down the ins and outs of this unique delivery method, why teamwork and collaboration are so important, and how owners can ensure a successful outcome when selecting this delivery method.

Show Notes

[01:10]  An explanation of Design-Build

[02:10]  The pros and cons of this delivery method

[10:00]  Tips on how to build the right team

[13:40]  Select a designer or architect that has experience in your specific building type and industry

[14:45]  How not to lose choice and control as an owner

[15:50]  Managing project costs through a trend estimate log

[17:20]  What to expect when kicking off a project using Design-Build

[19:10]  An example of a Design-Build project

[21:45] The characteristics of an owner best suited for this delivery method

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