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Delivery Methods: The Ins and Outs of Development with Bryce Henderson

For business owners who prefer to lease space or leave raising funds and applying for entitlements to others, Development may be a viable option. Learn all about this non-traditional delivery method from Bryce Henderson, our Vice President of Development.

Show Notes

[01:30]  Development as a non-traditional delivery method

[02:45]  The pros and cons of this delivery method

[05:20]  When owners should consider Development as an option

[07:50]  The characteristics of a good developer

[09:40]  How Bryce’s background has helped separate Bush Construction from other developers

[11:35]  Development projects and the role of real estate investors

[12:50]  The Hershey Lofts project in Muscatine, Iowa

[15:50]  The risk and reward of Development projects

[18:30]  Tips for owners with underutilized assets

[20:10]  When the developer or GC steps out of the project

[21:30]  The definition of entitlements, incentives, and tax credits

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