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Mississippi Valley Surgery Center

Healthcare, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and COVID-19

Healthcare has had to jump through many hoops since early 2020. On today’s episode, we have the privilege of chatting with Michael Patterson, President and CEO of Mississippi Valley Surgery Center. Being tasked with the leadership and direction of an ambulatory surgery center during a pandemic is an incredible challenge; a challenge to which Michael has very capably risen.

Listen as he shares new procedures to keep Mississippi Valley Surgery Center staff safe, ensure patients are comfortable in their facility, and what changes are here to stay. Michael also shares about his military service and how that foundation shaped his career path. You’ll be so glad you listened to this episode!

Show Notes

[01:25]  Mississippi Valley Surgery Center’s (MVSC) mission and Michael’s role

[02:25]  How COVID-19 initially impacted MVSC

[04:35]  The short and long-term effects of COVID-19 on the healthcare industry

[06:20]  New procedures implemented to ensure the health, safety and well-being of patients and staff

[07:35]  The role of telehealth and how electronic communication is improving the patient experience

[11:05]  Educating patients on the protective measures of the Surgery Center

[12:40]  How Q4 will be an indicator of a patient’s comfort in elective procedures

[14:30]  MVSC specialties

[15:25]  Facility design improvements to meet surgical technological advancements, patient needs, and the continual transition of procedures from a hospital setting to an outpatient setting

[18:25]  The quickest innovation MVSC made to protect its patients, staff, and providers

[20:20]  Why ambulatory surgery centers are seeing an increase in business

[23:20]  The role the military and mentors played in Michael’s career path

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