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Introducing: Spaces, Built by Bush Construction Podcast

Welcome to Spaces, Built by Bush Construction, a podcast that brings genuine conversations and opens minds to creative ideas in construction, design, and development. Join our journey as we share in-depth stories as an experienced commercial contractor and design firm and interview business leaders on an array of construction topics.

In this first episode, the Bush Construction Podcast Team discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on the construction industry, how general contractors are moving forward in this new normal and growth opportunities that have been discovered during these uncertain times.

Show Notes

[05:18]  The biggest adaptation Bush Construction has had to make during the Coronavirus

[06:39]  How communication and project assignments were managed for remote workers

[07:45]  Ensuring the safety of both field operations and office personnel

[10:00]  Flexing schedules and learning a new style of work amid varying statewide orders

[12:40]  Reassessing how time is used

[15:15]  How COVID-19 forced changes and their long-term effects

[16:00]  Video conferencing is here to stay

[16:50]  Fast-forward to digital transformation

[18:05]  How hiring managers may be asking new questions to future recruits

[20:35]  COVID-19 has been difficult yet presented new growth opportunities

[21: 35]  The team wraps up by sharing books and podcast recommendations

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