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Bush Construction Historic Renovation Experience

Jon Davidshofer: Historic restorations, downtown revitalizations and volunteerism

Meet Jon Davidshofer, our new Director of Development. Listen to our conversation on all things development, including why he made the shift from the financial sector to economic development and his goals for growing Bush Development. Jon also talks about why a project’s location plays a critical role in its success and the value it brings to community members.

Show Notes

[01:00]  Jon’s transition from banking into community development.

[02:15]  Why the development learning curve is so steep.

[03:15]  Bush Development’s growth strategy.

[04:25]  The difference between development and redevelopment.

[05:05]  A typical conversation with a developer includes location, funding and more.

[07:45]  How Bush simplifies the redevelopment process.

[08:40]  Being a community builder means giving back, a philosophy Jon subscribes to.

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