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Genesis West | Linear Accelerator

Project description

Genesis needed to update their Linear Accelerator (a machine used to help treat cancer using lasers to target specific areas of the body and used together with a CT scan machine.) Genesis purchased a new Linear Accelerator and hired that company to shut down and remove their old one.

Bush Construction’s work included:

  • A full demo of the room including cutting out concrete to replace the Linear Accelerator’s mounting pad.
  • Replace all framing and drywall and finished out the entire space with new paint, flooring, and cabinets.

According to the manufacturer, this process is typically a 3-month duration (most of these Linear Accelerator rooms are all the same throughout the US). Bush Construction, along with all sub-contractors, was able to complete this in 6 weeks. Members of our team were there late into the evening the final day to get the room finished in time for the new machine to be installed.

The schedule was our main concern on this project since it was so fast-paced. With creative scheduling and working very closely together, we achieved a schedule that was less than half the typical duration.

Working in an occupied healthcare facility requires a skilled team, frequent communication, awareness, and flexibility as we coordinated work with the hospital staff. Genesis was still performing procedures in the room next door to us (a different machine but still a cancer treatment center). Noise caused by foot traffic and getting material to the job site was a big issue. We also had to be vigilant in scheduling work in the CT Simulator room. Genesis continued to use that machine while we updated the paint, flooring, and casework.

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