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  • North Scott High School auditorium entrance
  • North Scott High School auditorium lobby
  • North Scott High School auditorium lobby
  • North Scott High School auditorium

North Scott High School | Auditorium

Project description

The North Scott High School auditorium renovation and new lobby addition were mainly driven by student safety and ADA compliance.

In addition to upgraded finishes (paint, flooring, ceilings, etc.), the major aspects of the auditorium renovation included new theater seating, wing ramps, updated lighting and rigging systems.

The theater seating was reconfigured to gain more ADA accessible seating at multiple levels and companion chairs. Wing ramps were added to both sides of the auditorium to create a procession path for events.

New theater lighting, sound, and rigging systems were also installed. The theater lighting was upgraded to LED technology, providing advanced controls and greater energy efficiency.

The lobby addition was incorporated into this project for multiple reasons. First, the existing lobby space was much too small to provide adequate space for patrons during events. Also, restroom capacity was a major concern, so additional restrooms were included within the lobby addition. And lastly, the most impactful addition to this project was the inclusion of display space for student artwork for viewing during event intermissions.

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