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  • Village Cooperative exterior in summer
  • Village Cooperative exterior balcony
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Village Cooperative

Project description

Village Cooperative of Crow Creek is a 120,000 SF, sixty-one unit senior living facility Bush Construction built for Real Estate Equities. The project consisted of an underground parking garage, constructed of CMU block and hollow-core precast planks. The upper four floors have wood wall framing and wood trusses. The wood walls are ‘panelized,’ which means they are assembled in a factory/warehouse and arrive to the site in 8’ to 12’ sections. Panelizing walls shortens building erection time in the field, reduces the overall construction schedule, and saves money.

The living units are individually purchased and owned by residents, who are near or at retirement age. There are many perks to these facilities, including underground/covered parking, secure facilities, fitness center, elevator accessibility, club/commons area for events, patios/balconies, and maintenance by Real Estate Equities. Living units had several upgrade options to allow flexibility and personalization.

The project also included extensive exterior work, including sodding, irrigation, garden plots, retaining walls, pergola, concrete walks/driveways/parking lot, trees, and plantings.

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