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Multi-family & Senior Living

Hershey Lofts

The Hershey building was built in 1908 in Muscatine, Iowa, and was home to Hershey State Bank. In 2018, Bush Development purchased the property and renovated the five-story building into 25 market-rate apartments and commercial/retail space.

Residential amenities include:

  • Full-size fitness center
  • On-floor storage
  • Kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • In-unit laundry
  • Business lounge

If you are interested in living at the Hershey Lofts, click here.

Home to Local Businesses

Anchored by Sycamore Printing, the building also offers 15,000 square feet of commercial/retail space on the first floor and lower level of the building. Click here to learn about available commercial leasing opportunities.

Pershing Lofts

Pershing Hill Lofts is a 62 unit, 100,000 SF project that converted old 6-story Crescent Electric Company and 3-story Sieg Iron Company buildings into trendy loft apartments. The lofts consist of a combination of one-bedroom, one-bath; two-bedroom, one-bath; two-bedroom, two-bath; three-bedroom, two-bath apartments, and studio apartments with one-bath. Four of the lofts meet ADA requirements.

Due to the historic nature of these buildings, strict requirements were set by the State and Federal Government that we were required to adhere to in order for the owners to receive the tax incentives necessary to make this project possible, financially. Many of the original historical features of the building were kept in their original form or restored.

It’s an honor to breathe new life into buildings that have been a part of our community for so many years.

Village Cooperative

Village Cooperative of Crow Creek is a 120,000 SF, sixty-one unit senior living facility Bush Construction built for Real Estate Equities. The project consisted of an underground parking garage, constructed of CMU block and hollow-core precast planks. The upper four floors have wood wall framing and wood trusses. The wood walls are ‘panelized,’ which means they are assembled in a factory/warehouse and arrive to the site in 8’ to 12’ sections. Panelizing walls shortens building erection time in the field, reduces the overall construction schedule, and saves money.

The living units are individually purchased and owned by residents, who are near or at retirement age. There are many perks to these facilities, including underground/covered parking, secure facilities, fitness center, elevator accessibility, club/commons area for events, patios/balconies, and maintenance by Real Estate Equities. Living units had several upgrade options to allow flexibility and personalization.

The project also included extensive exterior work, including sodding, irrigation, garden plots, retaining walls, pergola, concrete walks/driveways/parking lot, trees, and plantings.

Lawrence Lofts

The upper stories of the Lawrence Building, in Sterling, Illinois, stood vacant for 50 years. Bush Construction renovated the 22,000 SF second through fifth floors of this office building, originally built in 1910, and converted them into 20 residential units now named the Lawrence Lofts. The first floor remains under the ownership of the Whiteside County Courthouse Extension Office.

Located in downtown Sterling, this project is part of the City’s revitalization plan of adaptive re-use of underutilized buildings.

Jackson Square Apartments

The 90-year-old, 50,000 SF renovation and addition to the Jackson Square Apartments involved transforming a former industrial manufacturing facility into trendy, living space. This project allowed Bush Construction to delve into the multi-family residential market for the first time. We worked closely with the architect during the design phase to get the project within budget while still meeting the owner’s request for a functional urban style.

This historical structure required abatement of the asbestos in various locations as well as the remediation of regulated materials from numerous storage areas within and surrounding the building. Much of the building’s original structure and features were retained in order to provide a character-rich project, including exposed brick walls and wood floor structure. The westernmost portion of the building represents the original structure, which was restored to its former glory by cleaning and tuck-pointing the terra cotta tile and brick. The west wing of the building is also on Rock Island’s list of historic buildings, which required special approval prior to the replacement of windows.

What was once an urban brownfield is now an attractive center for family living and commerce.

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