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The Refuge Church

This project is a premanufactured metal building. This new construction church space included a lobby/overflow room, the worship hall, classrooms, a nursery, a kitchen, and offices. After erecting the metal building structure and finishing the worship space and lobby, the Bush team coordinated with the church congregation as they assisted on the build-out of the other half of the building. Church volunteers handled various parts of construction from the framing/drywall to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in the classrooms and offices. The finished building was 10,387 SF in total.

The Bush Construction team used their creative, problem-solving skills while undertaking the site work on this greenspace lot. The site had been stripped of topsoil and was close to the river, which meant the grade of the building was basically bedrock. This created a storm drainage issue with hills on two sides of the property. Our team raised the building elevation and added a berm along the high edge of the property line to redirect any water to the retainage pond. In the end, this solution ensured the property stayed dry and it also ended up saving the owner money from the original site plan.

Coram Deo Bible Church

Coram Deo Bible Church underwent a significant renovation to create a vibrant, educational, and safe space to support its Children’s Ministry. Bright colors illuminate common areas designed for interacting and playing, and each of the 11 classrooms meets the needs of the children and pre-teens they serve.

Nursery – offers room dedicated to nursing moms that includes a screen with a feed to the Worship Center, a crib room where babies can sleep and a kitchenette complete with a dishwasher and sink.

Preschool – includes a bathroom and a sink, whiteboards, and audio-visual technology to assist little learners.

Upper Elementary – features modular tables and chairs for connecting, moving, and learning.

In addition, the Compass Room (holds up to 150), the Cornerstone Room (holds up to 200), and the Legacy Room (holds up to 260) were created as flexible spaces for children’s ministry programs, gatherings, and events.

The renovation also included the reconfiguration of the entrance, including a dedicated Welcome area, a wide-open corridor to the children’s ministry, and new paint and flooring.

Bettendorf Christian Church

To accommodate a growing congregation, Bettendorf Christian Church underwent a 16,000 SF addition and 10,000 SF renovation project. Their goals were to increase space, improve traffic flow and enhance their children’s and student ministries. The church determined a multi-use worship area that seats up to 850 with a gym layout would offer the greatest flexibility to convert the space for a variety of activities and events.

The Church’s gym/worship area includes a stage, a separate audio-visual area, and a baptistry. The welcoming front entrance provides an open space for members to congregate, the kitchen an opportunity to serve, and the cafe a way to enjoy coffee and conversation before or after services.

Our Savior Lutheran Church

Our Savior Lutheran Church project included two building additions totaling 17,358 SF and the renovation of 5,022 SF of existing space. The first building addition connects to the existing Sanctuary. This addition created a larger Narthex, a large classroom with tiered seating, two additional classrooms, a kitchenette, restrooms, and a few other ancillary spaces. The second addition connects to the existing Fellowship Hall and is now utilized for youth education. This addition created seven new classrooms, a youth recreation room, and a few other ancillary spaces. The renovated space created three additional classrooms, two administrative offices, and a conference room.

This project had a few challenging aspects to overcome during construction. Initially, this project came in over-budget by approximately $450,000. Bush worked with the architectural team and subcontractors to reduce the overall project costs, and bring the project back within budget. The second hurdle was that the church is currently on a septic system, but as part of the project, the church is now connected to Davenport city services. The septic system was located beneath one of the new additions. Bush worked extensively with the architectural team and the subcontractors to create a phasing plan to make the new connection to the city without the church losing the use of this utility. Lastly, the soils at the building additions were unsuitable to withstand the loading of the additions, and intermediate foundations were needed to be installed. Bush worked with the earthwork contractor to create a site grading phasing plan to efficiently install the intermediate foundations without interrupting the flow of construction.

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