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Historical Restoration

Wilson Building

The historic Wilson Building originally built in 1914 has been redeveloped into a mixed-use development with 33 residential rental units and approximately 5,025 square feet of first-floor commercial space facing 5th Avenue South in downtown Clinton IA.

The $11.45 million historic adaptive-reuse, mixed-use development will preserve and transform the Wilson Building into loft units and one and two-bedroom rental units ranging in size from 483 to 1,224 square feet. The remodel included structural repair to the exterior brick & terracotta. On the interior, all utilities were demolished and replaced. Apartments were shaped using as many original walls as possible, even keeping the original corridor doors where present. Windows were replaced with new, historically accurate units. We worked closely with the design team and the State Historic Preservation Office in order to keep the remodel as historically accurate as possible.


Will Hall and Law Building

In the spirit of a historic renovation, Bush Construction converted the beautiful Will Hall and Law building in downtown Aledo, Illinois. There are now three commercial units on the main floor and AirBnB units on the second floor.

Bush Construction also completed the historical renovation of the Carnegie Library in Aledo, Illinois at the same time. Built in 1915-16, the landmark served generations of community members until it closed in 2019.

The storefronts of the Perryton Law Building were restored for a more historic appearance, which the Bush Design team kept in mind when drawing up plans. On the first floor of this renovation, there is commercial space, and the second floor contains tenant space. This project required a finish date within a strict time frame and with diligent planning and strong trade partner relationships and communication, we were able to achieve this aggressive schedule.

The Hobbs Building


The Hobbs Building is a historic 4-story building built in 1892. Bush Construction completed a restoration on this building. It has a total of 15 apartment units on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors with an unfinished “white envelope” on the 1st floor, ready for a future tenant build-out. Additionally, we installed a new elevator in the Hobbs Building.

The two buildings adjacent to the original Hobbs Building house a total of 16 apartment units on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  And the same concept of an unfinished “white envelope” on the 1st floor of each building.  All future tenant build-outs on the 1st floor will be up to the owner’s discretion.

Onion Dome

The “onion dome” that sits on top of the corner window bay of the Hobbs Building is a trademark of the Aurora skyline.  We rebuilt the dome out of fiberglass to replicate the original (made from wood.)

The 4th-floor roof and the underside of the 2nd-floor flooring required structural steel to support the new onion dome.  The previous condition of the building was no longer able to support the original, which is why it was removed years ago.  Members of the community had inquired about the reinstallation of the onion dome. When the new dome was being installed, they watched in awe!

Many of the units still hold features that were originally in the Hobbs Building. To achieve this, Bush:

  • Reinstalled the beadboard ceiling to match the existing.
  • Maintained “faux” doors are all throughout the building to represent doors and passages that used to be there.
  • Restored all windows, by hand, to their original condition.


Bush struggled to find a local contractor to install the structural steel.  We had to reach out to a local contractor in the Quad Cities that was willing to travel to Aurora.  The installation did not go according to plan. The Bush team had multiple meetings with engineers, the steel erectors, the fabricators, and the City. Our connections, transparent communication, and experience enabled us to work through all of the steel issues to get the steel and the onion dome installed and looking great.

Carnegie Library, Aledo, IL

Bush Construction completed the historical renovation of the Carnegie Library in Aledo, IL. Built in 1915-16, the landmark served generations of community members until it closed in 2019. Former residents, Crista and William J. Albertson, purchased the library and renovations began in early 2020.

The Albertson’s vision was to turn the library into a center for technology, education, and recruiting.

Project Details

  • Restored original bookshelves and refinished original floor.
  • Refurbished exterior lamp posts and replaced light fixtures and handrails.
  • Exterior updates including tuckpointing, replacing windows and storm windows, refinished the original exterior door and replaced the roof.
  • Installed modern HVAC and communication technology.
  • Added a conference room and kitchen in the lower level to help support new coworking space and tech center run by High-Tech Small Town.

The library has gained national attention and received the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation National Preservation Award, an award that celebrates the in historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and the re-imagining of historic buildings for the future.











Hershey Lofts

The Hershey building was built in 1908 in Muscatine, Iowa, and was home to Hershey State Bank. In 2018, Bush Development purchased the property and renovated the five-story building into 25 market-rate apartments and commercial/retail space.

Residential amenities include:

  • Full-size fitness center
  • On-floor storage
  • Kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • In-unit laundry
  • Business lounge

If you are interested in living at the Hershey Lofts, click here.

Home to Local Businesses

Anchored by Sycamore Printing, the building also offers 15,000 square feet of commercial/retail space on the first floor and lower level of the building. Click here to learn about available commercial leasing opportunities.

Davenport Central Fire Station

The Davenport Central Fire Station was originally built in 1902. The main building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This fire station is the oldest operating fire station west of the Mississippi River. Over the course of its life, the Central Fire Station has had two additions, 1940 and 1951, and several renovations. Because of its age, space and access problems, the City of Davenport hired Bush Construction as Construction Manager to demolish the 1940s – 1950s additions, to build a 20,000 SF innovative and modern addition, as well as to renovate the 10,000 SF original historical section of this facility in accordance to historical regulations.

Pershing Lofts

Pershing Hill Lofts is a 62 unit, 100,000 SF project that converted old 6-story Crescent Electric Company and 3-story Sieg Iron Company buildings into trendy loft apartments. The lofts consist of a combination of one-bedroom, one-bath; two-bedroom, one-bath; two-bedroom, two-bath; three-bedroom, two-bath apartments, and studio apartments with one-bath. Four of the lofts meet ADA requirements.

Due to the historic nature of these buildings, strict requirements were set by the State and Federal Government that we were required to adhere to in order for the owners to receive the tax incentives necessary to make this project possible, financially. Many of the original historical features of the building were kept in their original form or restored.

It’s an honor to breathe new life into buildings that have been a part of our community for so many years.

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