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Western Illinois University exterior entryway walkup


Your full-service team from concept to completion

As a full-service construction company, Bush combines our expertise in real estate development, architectural design and construction to provide our customers with a turnkey experience from concept to completion.

Our proven integrated approach allows us to eliminate the natural inefficiencies and waste that occur throughout a typical multi-firm-led construction process. The result? A more connected, collaborative process that saves our customers time and money.

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Interior of a new office foyer.


Interior view of arsenal building overall


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Why is an integrated team a benefit to you?

Better connected, better results.

With open lines of communication between our departments, clear, quick, and transparent communication is just part of the package. We’re able to avoid delays and miscommunication that become common when you engage multiple companies.

Efficiency means saving your time and money.

There’s no need to take valuable project time to combine and align multiple firms’ processes and teams. The full-service Bush team understands each other’s strengths and operates as a well-oiled machine which allows us to get to work immediately, saving you time and money.

One team, one mission – you.

To us, teamwork means taking ownership and accountability for each other’s work to produce better, faster, and more cost-effective results. Breakthrough improvements happen when all team members work toward a common goal – YOU.

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