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Spaces Built By Bush Construction Podcast

Are you considering a new business venture or planning to expand your existing business? Have you been tasked with a commercial construction project and you’d like to grow your confidence and knowledge? Ready to pull the trigger on your construction project but don’t know what comes next?

You’re in the right place!

Join the Spaces, Built by Bush Construction podcast team for all thing’s construction, design, and development. You’ll hear in-depth stories from us, an experienced commercial contractor, developer, and design firm to our candid interviews with local business leaders. Take a front-row seat to conversations that weigh heavily on business owners and how, from adversity, growth opportunities always present themselves.

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McMullen Hall's College of Business classroom

Delivery Methods: What It Means to Be a Construction Manager as Constructor

On today’s podcast, we continue the conversation about the construction delivery methods. This time we’re focusing on Construction Manager as Construction (CMc). You’ll learn all about the pros, the cons, and the ways

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Students fill the library at United Township High School

Delivery Methods: A Deep Dive into Design-Bid-Build

In a previous podcast, we provided a beneficial overview of the four different paths a business owner can choose when selecting a team to design and build their new space. After recording that

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Old red brick university building with hanging gardens.

Higher Education: COVID-19 + What Student Life Looks Like with Mike Poster of St. Ambrose University

Higher education experienced major disruptions in the Spring of 2020 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Mike Poster, Vice President of Finance

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A modern campus interior with a curved glass wall on the right and an atrium entrance on the left.

Delivery Methods: Four Paths A Business Owner Can Take to Complete Their Next Project

The decision to pull the trigger on a construction project is big. Your new space may give legs to a new business venture, spur company or product-line growth or provide a motivating space

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Portraits of a white bald man in a suit and glasses, a brunette white woman in a dark suit, a young white man in a suit, and a brown-haired white woman in a blue suit.

Introducing: Spaces, Built by Bush Construction Podcast

Welcome to Spaces, Built by Bush Construction, a podcast that brings genuine conversations and opens minds to creative ideas in construction, design, and development. Join our journey as we share in-depth stories as

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