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Why Hiring a Full-Service Construction Team Saves You Time, Money, and Headaches

In recent years, Bush Construction expanded its service divisions to include in-house architectural, design, and real estate development services. This trifecta is a rare mix for construction firms in the Midwest. In fact, Bush is the only major commercial constructor in the Quad Cities offering this specific integrated approach.

So, what does it truly mean to be full-service and why should you, as an owner or building manager, consider hiring an integrated team? Let’s dive in.

What is a full-service construction firm?

In a typical construction process, you’d have to engage multiple companies (sometimes four or more!) to fulfill various phases of a new build or renovation project.

  1. Real Estate Development – to evaluate the investment, guide financing, and/or engage investors for your project
  2. Design Architectto vision, plan, and design your space(s)
  3. Pre-Construction Planning – to estimate, plan and hire subcontractors
  4. Constructionto implement and build the plans put in place

The process of hiring and vetting so many companies can be daunting for owners. This often leads to natural inefficiencies in connecting everyone, sharing information, and working together as a team for the entire length of the project (which can often be years!).

At Bush Construction, think of us as a one-stop shop. Our team consists of experts offering services from all the areas listed above, enabling us to take projects in any industry from concept to completion. So why is that good for you? It boils down to clearer, more transparent communication, better efficiency, and a focused approach.

Better connected, better results.

We believe the best work happens when the developer, architect, and builder work collaboratively for the benefit of the customer. With one team under one roof, owners have one point of contact. This results in clearer, quicker, and more transparent communication along the way.

As one unit, we’re able to avoid delays and miscommunication that become common when you engage multiple companies. Take this scenario as an example…

The construction team is ready to install the fancy new cabinets for your break room that were carefully selected by the design firm. Oops – the wrong ones were delivered, and it turns out the originals are no longer in stock. In this case, it could take days for the problem to be identified, for the two firms to connect (multiple emails and phone calls!) and to find a mutually beneficial solution that keeps both teams on track.

As an integrated team, Bush team members are naturally more connected resulting in quicker resolutions and better communication with each other and with the owner. Better connected, better results.

Efficiency means saving your time and money.

“Time is money” … the cliché we’ve all heard and experienced – but it’s true!

At the start of a construction process, we often hear feedback from owners that are anxious to get the show on the road. It’s important to dot every ‘I’ and cross every “T” before the first hammer swings, so we would never recommend rushing through those crucial initial steps. However, we’ve found having one integrated team under one company naturally speeds up the process.

There’s no need to take valuable project time to

combine and align multiple firms’ processes and teams. The full-service Bush team understands each other’s strengths and operates as a well-oiled machine. This allows us to get to work immediately, saving you time and money.

The same is true as we get to work, we believe better working relationships produce fewer errors which means timelines and budgets stay intact.

One team, one mission – you.

When you think of the benefits of working with a full-service construction team, this is what it really boils down to. Bush has one team, with one focused mission – and that mission is YOU. We believe our collective contributions are better than our individual skills. We work unselfishly and transparently as a group to understand each other’s expertise and provide the most value to our client.

Are you ready to start your project with a full-service team on your side? Give us a shout.

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