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  • Our Savior Lutheran Church Parish Center
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  • Our Savior Lutheran Church auditorium

Our Savior Lutheran Church

Project description

This project includes two building additions totaling 17,358 Sq. Ft. and renovating 5,022 Sq. Ft. of existing space. The first building addition connects to the existing Sanctuary. This addition will create a larger Narthex, a large classroom with tiered seating, two additional classrooms, a kitchenette, restrooms, and a few other ancillary spaces. The second addition connects to their existing Fellowship Hall and will be utilized for youth education. This addition will create seven new classrooms, a youth recreation room, and a few other ancillary spaces. The renovation space will create three additional classrooms, two administrative offices, and a conference room.

This project had a few challenging aspects to overcome during construction. Initially, this project came in over-budget by approximately $450,000. Bush worked with the A/E team and the subcontractors to reduce the overall project costs, and bring the project back to within budget. The second hurdle was that the church is currently on a septic system, but as part of the project, the church will be connected to Davenport city services. The septic system is currently located beneath one of the new additions. Bush worked extensively with the A/E team and the subcontractors to create a phasing plan to make the new connection to the city without the church losing the use of this utility. Lastly, the soils at the building additions were unsuitable to withstand the loading of the additions, and intermediate foundations were needed to be installed. Bush worked with the earthwork contractor to create a site grading phasing plan to efficiently install the intermediate foundations without interrupting the flow of construction.

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