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Rock Island High School

The near-century-old Rock Island High School has new life after a renovation/addition of more than 60,000 square feet. The $10.8 million project required a complex reconfiguration of the main floor including a relocation of the main office, nurses’ office, administrator, and athletic director offices to improve overall flow and accessibility. The adjustments required an addition to the existing building.

A major transformation to the school’s main entryway creates a modern and welcoming first impression while enhancing security measures. Just inside, students can now enjoy a college-like atmosphere with a new and improved cafeteria as well as lavished common areas to socialize, study and relax.

Rocky’s exterior also got some much-needed attention including safety and efficiency upgrades to the pick-up/drop-off areas, expanded staff parking, and new outdoor courtyard spaces to enjoy. The library and various classrooms throughout the school were also renovated.

As school was in session for the majority of construction, our team coordinated closely with officials to ensure as little disruption as possible to staff and students.

Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council (MARC) Quad Cities Campus

We love it when we get to build from the ground up! That’s exactly what we were able to do for Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council (MACRC). The new two-facility complex in East Moline, IL consists of a state-of-the-art training center and a new union hall office building.

The 65,000-square-foot training center will serve its 2,000 union members and apprentices in the Quad Cities and the State of Illinois. The training building features functional classrooms and shop areas which were designed with a special attention to detail between the carpenters and millwright training areas. The carpentry space features beautiful wood finishes and textures, while the millwright side has more of an industrial machinery feel.

The two-story administrative facility includes offices, conference rooms, a cafeteria, and a 250-seat meeting room which will be used for union and public events.

Marion Public Library

After the 2020 derecho tore through Marion, Iowa, the already aging Marion Library took on damage. We were thrilled to partner with the Marion Public Library to build a new library across the street from the original location. The design of the new space was not just a warehouse for books, but an active place and community hub for the city of Marion where people of all ages can congregate and learn.

The two-story, 50,000-square-foot library features modern, open spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows, giving a bright and welcoming feel. The first floor includes a large community room with a demonstration kitchen for meetings, classes, and other programming, as well as a cozy reading area with a double-sided fireplace.

With special attention to cater to families with young children, the second story features various spaces that function for the entire family unit including adult workstations with conjoining playpens, an indoor playground area, and a children’s programming room.

Other notable spaces include a second-floor terrace, various tech spaces, study rooms, and conference rooms. “I think this library will be a model for all libraries in the future,” said Marion Mayor Nick AbouAssaly. We sure think so, too!

Northwest Bank | Hungry Hobo

As a Bush Construction design-build project, our Bush design and construction teams worked together to create a retail center that would fit with the current building located on this property.  This single-story, wood-framed building served as an additional location for Hungry Hobo and included a shell space that could be leased out to a second tenant in the future. (Baja Tacos and Shots) The customer’s priority was to create spaces to be leased by businesses that would complement the surrounding area.

Late city approvals put our schedule off track.  Our team worked hard to put a plan in place to attain the owner’s aggressive finish date requirement and through internal collaboration and creative strategies, our team pulled it off!

Wilson Building

The historic Wilson Building originally built in 1914 has been redeveloped into a mixed-use development with 33 residential rental units and approximately 5,025 square feet of first-floor commercial space facing 5th Avenue South in downtown Clinton IA.

The $11.45 million historic adaptive-reuse, mixed-use development will preserve and transform the Wilson Building into loft units and one and two-bedroom rental units ranging in size from 483 to 1,224 square feet. The remodel included structural repair to the exterior brick & terracotta. On the interior, all utilities were demolished and replaced. Apartments were shaped using as many original walls as possible, even keeping the original corridor doors where present. Windows were replaced with new, historically accurate units. We worked closely with the design team and the State Historic Preservation Office in order to keep the remodel as historically accurate as possible.


Will Hall and Law Building

In the spirit of a historic renovation, Bush Construction converted the beautiful Will Hall and Law building in downtown Aledo, Illinois. There are now three commercial units on the main floor and AirBnB units on the second floor.

Bush Construction also completed the historical renovation of the Carnegie Library in Aledo, Illinois at the same time. Built in 1915-16, the landmark served generations of community members until it closed in 2019.

The storefronts of the Perryton Law Building were restored for a more historic appearance, which the Bush Design team kept in mind when drawing up plans. On the first floor of this renovation, there is commercial space, and the second floor contains tenant space. This project required a finish date within a strict time frame and with diligent planning and strong trade partner relationships and communication, we were able to achieve this aggressive schedule.

SAU Assumption Wrestling

To accommodate the first-ever wrestling team at St. Ambrose University, Bush Construction completed the new wrestling training facility. The project includes men’s and women’s locker rooms, four offices for the coaching staff, and three full-size wrestling mats. Assumption High School will also be utilizing this space for their wrestling team needs.

Genesis West | Linear Accelerator

Genesis needed to update their Linear Accelerator (a machine used to help treat cancer using lasers to target specific areas of the body and used together with a CT scan machine.) Genesis purchased a new Linear Accelerator and hired that company to shut down and remove their old one.

Bush Construction’s work included:

  • A full demo of the room including cutting out concrete to replace the Linear Accelerator’s mounting pad.
  • Replace all framing and drywall and finished out the entire space with new paint, flooring, and cabinets.

According to the manufacturer, this process is typically a 3-month duration (most of these Linear Accelerator rooms are all the same throughout the US). Bush Construction, along with all sub-contractors, was able to complete this in 6 weeks. Members of our team were there late into the evening the final day to get the room finished in time for the new machine to be installed.

The schedule was our main concern on this project since it was so fast-paced. With creative scheduling and working very closely together, we achieved a schedule that was less than half the typical duration.

Working in an occupied healthcare facility requires a skilled team, frequent communication, awareness, and flexibility as we coordinated work with the hospital staff. Genesis was still performing procedures in the room next door to us (a different machine but still a cancer treatment center). Noise caused by foot traffic and getting material to the job site was a big issue. We also had to be vigilant in scheduling work in the CT Simulator room. Genesis continued to use that machine while we updated the paint, flooring, and casework.

The Refuge Church

This project is a premanufactured metal building. This new construction church space included a lobby/overflow room, the worship hall, classrooms, a nursery, a kitchen, and offices. After erecting the metal building structure and finishing the worship space and lobby, the Bush team coordinated with the church congregation as they assisted on the build-out of the other half of the building. Church volunteers handled various parts of construction from the framing/drywall to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in the classrooms and offices. The finished building was 10,387 SF in total.

The Bush Construction team used their creative, problem-solving skills while undertaking the site work on this greenspace lot. The site had been stripped of topsoil and was close to the river, which meant the grade of the building was basically bedrock. This created a storm drainage issue with hills on two sides of the property. Our team raised the building elevation and added a berm along the high edge of the property line to redirect any water to the retainage pond. In the end, this solution ensured the property stayed dry and it also ended up saving the owner money from the original site plan.

Augustana Bergendoff Hall Phase 1

On this renovation, Bush Construction upgraded classrooms as well as rehearsal and performance spaces. A common area corridor was also upgraded for the music and performing arts department at Augustana College. The project had two phases. One was a fast-paced renovation over the summer (offices and one classroom). The second phase was completed at year-end and included a small performance room and adjacent kitchenette with restrooms, rehearsal rooms, and a classroom.

This building was not designed or constructed well in the past. After completing the demolition, we worked with the architect and owner to achieve the desired design with the existing conditions.  There were several instances after the demo that required us to move to another location so asbestos materials could be removed.

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