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Delivery Methods: Is Construction Manager as Agent a Good Fit for You?

Today, we explore the Construction Manager as Agent or CMa delivery method. Listen and learn about the pros and cons and when this delivery method should be used.

Show Notes

[01:30]  Defining Construction Manager as Agent (CMa) and the role of professional services

[02:15]  The risks associated with construction contracting

[02:40]  How CMa differs from Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc)

[03:30]  The pros and cons of the CMa delivery method

[06:00]  While the CMa administers all request for information and change orders, the owner assumes the financial risk

[08:50]  Scenarios when an owner would consider using the CMa delivery method

[09:20]  Real-world examples of CMa projects Bush Construction has been involved with

[11:00]  How the contractor is paid in the CMa delivery method

[11:55] What are the different services a contractor performs across the various delivery methods

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