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Delivery Methods: What It Means to Be a Construction Manager as Constructor

On today’s podcast, we continue the conversation about the construction delivery methods. This time we’re focusing on the “silver bullet” of project delivery; Construction Manager as Construction (CMc), also referred to as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). You’ll learn all about the pros, the cons, and the ways owners can tap into the knowledge and expertise of the construction manager throughout each phase of their project.

Show Notes

[02:10]  There are two Construction Manager delivery methods – Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) and Construction Manager as Agent (CMa)

[03:20]  Why CMc is the “silver bullet” of delivery methods and its pros and cons

[5:25]  How an owner selects a CM

[6:35] Fast-tracking – Starting construction before design is complete

[08:40]  Why an owner should avoid hiring a construction manager when their drawings are partially complete

[10:20]  A real-life scenario of the benefit of having the CM’s perspective

[12:30]  How to ensure costs are accurate and competitive before construction begins

[14:45]  The importance of a complete scope of work

[17:00]  Owners who are best suited for this delivery method and examples of ideal projects

[20:00]  How architects and design teams view this delivery method

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